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The project will boost the basic access service to open traffic data through the LOD enhanced Traffic Information System (TIS), according to the ITS Directive (2010/40/EU). This will be enabled for viewing and downloading, as well as to improve the extraction of meaning from the data and allowing other types of services, which can be only achieved with the use of LOD. 

The project aims to promote the use of LOD DATEX II as complementary to DATEX II XML, facilitating the accessibility and comprehensibility of European traffic data and services. This will entail the construction of translation (DATEX II to LOD DATEX II) and validation tools, and the development of an ontological model (DATEX II Ontology) as support.

 But, what is Datex II?
DATEX II is the electronic language used in Europe for the exchange of traffic information and traffic data. The development of DATEX II was initiated in the early 90s due to the need for exchanging information among traffic centres of motorway operators. Soon there was the need to open this information to other service providers and DATEX I was somewhat too limited for this and used outdated technical concepts, this impulsed the development of DATEX II in the early years of this millennium.

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