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Linked Open Traffic Data concept development, based on the revision of the information obtained in previous activities to design and implement necessary models (ontologies + vocabularies) for use in linked open traffic data context, considering service-related metadata.

Technical systems proposal through the design and later implementation of a friendly interface, which allows all data to be queried through a uniform interface.

Implementation and deployment of a LOD enhanced TIS and Testing, making Traffic data LOD actionable and available in Open Data Portals.


These are the results of the project, you can ask us for information:

  Analysis of legal and technical background for making Linked Open Traffic Data actionable

 Analysis and revision of the models used for road traffic and travel information in Europe

 Analysis of the implementation of the PSI and ITS Directives

 Linked Open Traffic Data concept development “User Guide containing details of the models and of the tools”

 Linked Open Traffic Data concept development ANNEX: “Documenting the LOD SRTI DATEX II ontologies by WIDOCO”

 Guidelines for SparQL queries in LODRoadTran18

 Guidelines for other European NAPs