EURINV19 Action Concluded

The EURINV19 project has concluded with success. This project has supported the EDI providers of the consortium and their clients to meet the European Standard (EN) on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions 5according to both the Directive 2014/55/EU (eInvoicing Directive) and their Member States’ legislation in invoicing. You can find more information on Crediflow's site.

Partners of EURINV19 are already able to process electronic invoices compliant with EN

The EURINV19 project is concluding this July after 19 months of work that has included the analysis of the technical requirements, the design of the solutions and the performance of the mandatory CEF Conformance Testing and Consortium Interoperability Tests. You can find more information on IRTIC's site.

EURINV19 carries out the conformance and interoperability tests of the initiative

Trinity College Dublin has successfully completed the CEF eInvoicing Conformance Testing and the Consortium Interoperability Tests for the cross-border transactions of the Action. This phase was the successful completion of Interoperability Tests among the eInvoicing solutions of the consortium by validating the evidence regarding the cross-border exchange of electronic invoices compliant with the European eInvoicing Standard (EN). You can find more information on Trinity College Dublin's site.

The EURINV19 project has concluded with success

Elcom has been approved as an EN 16931 compliant solution by passing CEF conformance and interoperability tests in the EURINV19 project. Thanks to the partnership with the entity in the EURINV19 project, Althea UK is fully compliant with EN-compliant eInvoicing capabilities. You can find more information on Elcom's site.