The EURINV19 project aims to reach a wider audience as possible. The consortium of this project is a transactional partnership composed by 9 European EDI providers who have all demonstrated expertise and a strong representation in the eInvoicing ecosystem. Due to the multilingual and geographic diversity of the consortium, the vision and impact of the project will be strengthen at a European level. In the same way, the consortium’s capability of complementing other participants will improve.

The EURINV19 consortium includes established eInvoicing providers from 8 different Member States (Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Ireland and Slovakia). Some of the EDI providers will implement the European Standard on electronic invoicing (EN) into their platform/solution, while others will be part of the consortium adapting their ERP systems with the support of some EDI providers.

Moreover, the consortium is coordinated by a Spanish public university (UVEG) and supported by a private Spanish company (LMT). They have been working in several CEF actions funded at different calls, including the previous eInvoicing projects approved by the European Commision. In this sense, with their technical background and expertise managing CEF projects, they are in charge of the technical coordination and administrative support of participants, as well as the project dissemination.

IRTIC - Universitat de Valencia (Spain)

Consortium coordinator

Universitat de València is a public university with more than 65.800 students, 3.800 members of teaching and research staff and 1.800 administrative and services personnel. 

IRTIC (Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies) is a Research Institute of the UVEG that covers different disciplines connected with the field of information and communication technologies.

Currently IRTIC is a multidisciplinary group that brings together over 80 professionals, all graduates among professors, part time professors and research personnel. The work carried out from the beginning has made IRTIC to be a Spanish group of reference in areas such as consultancy on telematics, simulation, virtual reality, development of ITS, and strategic consultancy in project management, and advanced information system development and maintenance for administrations. IRTIC has been part icipating in previous related approved CEF Telecom projects with LMT, such as POOL-TSPs (2017-EU-IA-0154), FACe (2016-ES-IA-0117), ICELAND-INV18 (2018-EU-IA-0056), GOVEIN (2015-ES-IA-0058) and AS4EDI (2018-EU-IA-0060), amongst others.

Their main role in this project is to analyze the legal and technical requirements, support the participants with the coordination and implementation of the solution, and dissemination of the project.


LMT Group (Spain)

Technical and administrative support

LMT Group is an European company specialized in exploiting digital services, providing Consulting & Systems Integration services, Cloud operations, Big Data & Cyber Security solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline. The Group serves a global client base from several sectors including financial, health, manufacturing, media, utilities, public sector, retail, telecommunications and transport.

With this deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, the Group provides ICT solutions and consulting related to the quaternary sector of the economy, including services such as information technology, information generation and sharing, media and research and development, innovation, as well as knowledge based services like consultation, education, financial planning and designing. In this sense, the LMT Group is focused on the use of technology to powers progress and help organizations to create their firm of the future.

The main roles within this project are the technical coordination and the project dissemination.



EDI provider (upgrading its own eInvoicing cloud platform)

Crediflow was started on 2009 with the vision to give more companies the ability to send and receive electronic documents in an easy way using the latest technology and offering our services to a fair price in a pay-per-use model. During the last ten years Crediflow has grown organically to become a key player on the Swedish eInvoicing market.

We have an exclusive partner agreement with 2 of Sweden’s largest online ERP systems, Fortnox (290 000 user) and Bokio (70 000 user) where the company act as their VAN operator and handle all their outgoing and incoming E-invoicing. Crediflow also offer eInvoicing support to a large number of other ERP-Systems including Jeeves, SAP, Monitor, Visma, IFS and Pyramid. 

In the Finance and Insurance sector we deliver e-document for the some of the biggest in sweden such as Euro Accident, Euro Finans, Prioritet Finans, Payex, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Swedbank, Danske Bank, Collector, Svea Ekonomi, AMFA. In public sector we handle Invoicing for several municipalities and government owned organisations.


EASY SYSTEMS (The Netherlands)

EDI provider (upgrading its own eInvoicing cloud platform)

Easy Systems develops ERP independent software designed to optimize purchase to pay processes. Their solutions enable organizations to automate and streamline their processes, increase productivity, reduce errors and costs, enforce compliance and deliver actionable insight for smarter decisions. Easy Systems was founded in 2006 to provide mid-size organizations with powerful, easy-to-use invoice automation software that can be accessed -over the internet– anywhere, at any time. Over the years they have expanded their scope from invoice automation to the complete purchase to pay process.

Their goal is to provide solutions that enforce the continuous development and improvement of organizations. Their software is developed to fit their client organization’s needs. Easy Systems have a strong focus on the usability of their solutions, ensuring high user adoption. This approach has been validated by their consistent high growth -they have been winners of the prestigious FD Gazellen award for three years in a row- and have an outstanding customer loyalty.

Easy Systems has years of experience serving the financial management needs of organizations. Their in-house development and consultancy teams enable them to be flexible and act directly on the wishes and needs of their customers. Their goal is to provide organizations with a deep understanding of their financial processes by delivering the best purchase to pay reporting and processing software.


ELCOM (United Kingdom)

EDI provider (implementing a solution for ALTHEA)

Elcom is the world’s first cloud-based eProcurement company. They have focused decades of know-how on pioneering flexible proprietary technologies with one aim: to help their clients simplify, optimise and energise their Supply Chain. Elcom has a wide clientele, and provides the software that manages the entire procurement-to-payment process for local organisations, councils, universities, etc., underneath the Scottish Government. Additionally, they work with a number of NHS Trusts in England and the Northern Irish Assembly, amongst others. Amongst their main partners are Xoomworks Procurement, BIP Solutions, Ingenica, Leidos, Acquris, Dukefield Limited, Oyonix Group, etc., thus this implementation will be very useful for clients from both the public and private sector. Elcom follows agile best practices from a development point of view, and has implemented Cyber Essentials Plus certification as a business, with ISO 27001 certification under way, following the relocation of their data centre to Scotland, ahead of GDPR implementation.

Elcom has a history of successful implementation of related actions in both eDelivery (Action 2015/UK/IA/0044: "Access Point for Scottish Government"; Grant Agreement INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1147307) as well as eInvoice (Action 2015/UK/IA/0056: "eInvoice Expansion"; Grant Agreement INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1144088), as we work to help create a European digital single market.


GENERIX (France)

EDI provider (implementing a solution for CARREFOUR)

Founded in France in 1990, this company is an international collaborative software vendor and SaaS provider, listed on the Eurolist market of Euronext Paris. Generix Group offers the Generix Supply Chain Hub. It is a collaborative platform which combines the capabilities to execute physical flows, digitalize information flows, manage collaborative processes and connect companies to all their partners, in real time.

In France, Generix Group is the market leader and one of the 3 leaders in Europe in EDI & e-Invoicing and B2B collaboration with almost 5,000 customers and over 50% of its turnover in this domain. For many years Generix Group has held leadership positions recognized by analysts such as Gartner, Markess, CXP, IDC and so on: Generix is the market leader in France and Portugal and one of the main actors in Spain, Italy and Benelux, their solution provides services to 2,500 customers (most of them SMEs) and process 500,000 electronic documents per day. Moreover, GENERIX actively contributes to elaborating and sharing of B2B practices and standards. Generix Invoice Services is a solution that is integrated into the Generix Supply Chain Hub. It is a tax dematerialization service for invoices supporting all authorized channels: structured files, signed files and reliable audit


NETEDI (United Kingdom)

EDI provider (upgrading its own eInvoicing cloud platform)

NetEDI began life in 2009. Frustrated by how traditional EDI solutions weren’t moving forward, the four owners set out on creating a new platform with an emphasis on technology. The adage that form follows function led us on the path to faster processing speeds, fewer problems and a cheaper overhead for the customer. A cloud based service was born that offered a deeper integration with ERP/ Accounting systems and an overall user experience made more simple.

The innovative platform has since gone on to become an award winning service which we continuously look to further enhance. NetEDI delivers a powerful Cloud-based accounting, ERP integration and web form turnaround platform that connects and automates vital business processes. We will always look to give you the advice, tools and confidence to make more effective EDI decisions, quickly and with the comfort of knowing you’ve made the right choice.

We believe in sustainable business, demonstrate best practice and aim to help your business become more competitive and successful. With NetEDI, you can be sure you’ve got the right tools to reach your business goals. We developed an end to end solution that is stable, scalable and secure built using a proven SaaS platform. Our mission is to deliver a world class service that your business deserves.


QVALIA (Sweden)

EDI provider (upgrading its own eInvoicing cloud platform)

Qvalia improves and automates financial processes. The company is an accounts payable and transaction management specialist with over 650 international clients, offering transaction analysis and automation solutions. It is the leading expert consultant in transaction analysis in the Nordics, and its software solutions provide automation capabilities in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and transactional accounting. Their mission is to help organisations of all sizes to reach their automation potential.

Qvalia was founded in 1999 in Sweden as a recovery audit company, focusing on identifying and correcting VAT errors in accounting using large scale information management analysis methods and systems developed by Qvalia inhouse. In the past 4 years Qvalia has developed into a enterprise platform company providing e-invoicing and automation services to its customers. Qvalia’s solutions streamline transaction flows and eliminate invoicing and payment errors. Qvalia is a certified PEPPOL Access Point as well as a certified PEPPOL Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). In 2017, Qvalia Denmark was a winner of the Gaselle Award as one of the country's fastest growing companies. Qvalia Norway was a winner the year before. In Sweden, Qvalia won the corresponding Gasell award three times in a row in 2007, 2008 and 2009.


SATA (Italy)

EDI provider (implementing a solution for TATRA BILLING)

SATA was founded in 1983 and for years it has worked for the development of information systems for small-sized municipalities, healthcare organisations and manufacturing enterprises. Since 1992 it participates in national and European RTD and TT projects with the main role of rapid software prototype developer.

Concerning the important European projects enriching the SATA expertise in the eInvoicing field, it is worth recalling first SEAMLESS / IST (2006-2008) of which the present CEO of SATA was project manager. After that, SATA took part in KASSETTS / Interreg Central Europe (2008-2012) as subcontractor and then in ESSENCE / Interreg Central Europe (2012-2014) and COEFFICIENT / Interred MED (2013-2015) as partner. In all such projects SATA worked on the exchange of business documents between members of enterprise networks (mainly SME networks).

The SATA platform presently serves 8.5% of the Italian B2G suppliers and processes 4.0% of all B2G eInvoices at the national scale, and 17.0% of the PEPPOL documents in Emilia-Romagna through its own access point (and offers a similar PEPPOL-based service to suppliers of UK NHS organisations). By the end of year 2017 there were about 34.000 Italian enterprises (19.000 micro companies, 10.000 small companies, 4.800 larger SMEs and 200 large companies) using daily the SATA eInvoicing solution to send their eInvoices to public administrations (and more recently to other customers), receive invoices from their suppliers and exchange other document types like orders and despatch advice. SATA is collaborating with the major Italian EDI providers (Tesi, Intesa IBM, Ditech, Metel), with medium-large companies offering eIDAS and long term archiving services.


TRANSALIS (United Kingdom)

EDI provider (upgrading its own eInvoicing cloud platform)

The Transalis collaborative ecosystem is an fully managed Cloud service, which digitally connects over 10,000 organisations in all sectors, including the Public Sector supply chain, in many vertical industries, around Europe and globally. 

Specifically, the Transalis eDelivery solution supports a number of standards including traditional EDI, Odette, VDA and we also provide a secure, enterprise-grade PEPPOL Access Point Service automating data-capture, receipt, transmission and validation of various message types. Being a certified PEPPOL Access Point, the service can support thousands of trading partners and seamlessly integrates with existing systems, mapping to participants’ data formats. It also offers a self-service Portal for trading partners. 

Transalis solutions are a significant contributor to helping reduce the carbon footprint and our solutions assist organisations achieving their objectives for environmental social responsibility.


ALTHEA (United Kingdom)

Use Case (ELCOM solution)

Althea is the world’s largest independent provider of medical equipment services. They manage 1.4 million medical devices in 1,700 hospitals and healthcare establishments across 18 countries. ALTHEA is a pioneering solutions-driven company committed to ensuring you get the equipment and services that you require, rather than providing what the manufacturers want to sell.

The company was created from the union of eight leading biomed, endoscopy, and diagnostic imaging service companies, Althea employs 2,700 engineers, technicians, and customer service specialists worldwide. They work with over 300 hospitals across the UK and Ireland. Althea have the healthcare knowledge, clinical expertise, and technical excellence to offer healthcare providers industry-leading services that deliver efficiency savings and performance improvements.



Use Case (GENERIX)

Carrefour is a global leader and the reference in food retail. Carrefour operates more than 12,300 stores and e-commerce sites in more than 30 countries. Carrefour is a multi-local, multi-format and omni-channel retail Group that employs more than 380 000 people worldwide and generated 88.4 billion euros sales. A pioneer in countries such as Brazil in 1975 and China in 1995, the Group now operates on three major markets: Europe, Latin America and Asia.

With a presence in more than 30 countries, it generates more than 53% of its sales outside France. A force in local economic development, everywhere it operates. Carrefour solution is used by the company and already nearly 6,000 SME suppliers in most European countries. The Carrefour solution operated by GENERIX allows suppliers to send their bill to their other customers including governments B2G invoice. The suppliers mandate GENERIX as their operator.



Use Case (SATA solution)

Tatra Billing is a provider of comprehensive services in the field of transactional (statements, invoices, notifications, etc.) and marketing communications (direct marketing) through print and digital distribution channels. In the printing services they provide their customers full-color printing, enveloping based on customer requirements. They are a consolidator of mail within Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In the area of digital services, they provide data processing of incoming raw data that are transformed into personalized documents of different means (contracts, invoices, payslips, statements). Distribution takes place through various digital channels (eMail, SMS, Instant messengers, etc.).

Tatra Billing is committed to implement and have finally operational an eInvoicing solution, integrated with its own ERP system, able to manage the EN standard eInvoice formats and compliant with the EU Directive 2014/55 Slovakian adoption model. This will be done in strict collaboration with SATA based on its HUB MultiDOC.



Use Case (subcontracting the EDI provider)

Trinity College has been the beating heart of Dublin and Ireland for well over four centuries. It has been transformed into a global, interdisciplinary 21st century university. Trinity researches at the cutting edge in exciting new fields like nanoscience, immunology, creative technologies and digital humanities as well as all the traditional disciplines. We welcome students from over 120 countries, and we drive innovation and entrepreneurship in both research and education. Trinity produces a fifth of all spin-out companies in Ireland and we are Europe’s number 1 university for educating entrepreneurs.

Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's No.1 University (QS World University Ranking 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai), 2019) Trinity is ranked 104th in the World (QS World University Ranking, 2018/19).Trinity is ranked 27th in the World in terms of International Outlook and is the highest ranked university in Ireland. (Times Higher Education World University Ranking, 2018).