The consortium participants are from 4 different Member States and will participate as following: 

• The applicants that will implement their access point: Crediflow AB (CREDIFLOW/Sweden), Qvalia Group AB (QVALIA/Sweden), Tickstar AB (TICKSTAR/Sweden), Net4market S.R.L (NET4MARKET/Italy) and mySupply APS (MYSUPPLY/Denmark).

• The participants from Spain that will manage the consortium and coordinate the project implementation: UVEG and LMT.

In this sense, the consortium participants cover several European regions, bringing together EDI Providers' characteristics according to their range of e-services offered all around Europe. Although the variety of services involved in the proposed action is quite high, it is expected that the participants will face similar challenges during their access point implementation processes. Hence, the chance of sharing their problems and experiences with other entities in the same situation will be highly beneficial for achieving successfully the goals set by the project.


IRTIC - Universitat de Valencia (Spain)

Universitat de València is a public university with more than 65.800 students, 3.800 members of teaching and research staff and 1.800 administrative and services personnel. 

IRTIC (Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies) is a Research Institute of the UVEG that covers different disciplines connected with the field of information and communication technologies.

Currently IRTIC is a multidisciplinary group that brings together over 80 professionals, all graduates among professors, part time professors and research personnel. The work carried out from the beginning has made IRTIC to be a Spanish group of reference in areas such as consultancy on telematics, simulation, virtual reality, development of ITS, and strategic consultancy in project management, and advanced information system development and maintenance for administrations. IRTIC has been part icipating in previous related approved CEF Telecom projects with LMT, such as POOL-TSPs (2017-EU-IA-0154), FACe (2016-ES-IA-0117), ICELAND-INV18 (2018-EU-IA-0056), GOVEIN (2015-ES-IA-0058) and AS4EDI (2018-EU-IA-0060), amongst others.

Their main role in this project is to analyze the legal and technical requirements, support the participants with the coordination and implementation of the solution, and dissemination of the project.


LMT Group (Spain)

LMT Group is an European company specialized in exploiting digital services, providing Consulting & Systems Integration services, Cloud operations, Big Data & Cyber Security solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline. The Group serves a global client base from several sectors including financial, health, manufacturing, media, utilities, public sector, retail, telecommunications and transport.

With this deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, the Group provides ICT solutions and consulting related to the quaternary sector of the economy, including services such as information technology, information generation and sharing, media and research and development, innovation, as well as knowledge based services like consultation, education, financial planning and designing. In this sense, the LMT Group is focused on the use of technology to powers progress and help organizations to create their firm of the future.

The main roles within this project are the technical coordination and the project dissemination.



Crediflow is a 10 year old company with the vision of providing companies around Europe and the USA with electronic document send and receive solutions. They have been continually growing their clientele and updating their PEPPOL Access Point will be an important part of the expansion of their services through many Member States clients. Crediflow´s role and responsibilities in this project are to implement its adapted PEPPOL Access Point with the AS4 Standard along with the developed Service Metadata Publisher (SMP). It will also spread the action amongst its Swedish and other European Member State countries where its clients are located


QVALIA (Sweden)

Qvalia improves and automates financial processes. The company is an accounts payable and transaction management specialist with over 650 international clients, offering transaction analysis and automation solutions. It is the leading expert consultant in transaction analysis in the Nordics, and its software solutions provide automation capabilities in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and transactional accounting. The mission is to help organisations of all sizes to reach their automation potential. Qvalia´s role and responsibilities in this project are to implement its adapted PEPPOL Access Point with the AS4 Standard along with the developed Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), this will update the Qvalia portal of eDelivery. Additionally, they will participate in the dissemination of the project outcomes in Sweden and the countries where it has its main activities, such as Norway, Finland and Denmark




Tickstar is a company with 12 years of experience providing consulting and cloud services to customers in 16 countries in and outside Europe. They are the largest provider of cloud based PEPPOL infrastructure, offering their services through the Galaxy Gateway platform. Tickstar will implement AS4 in its PEPPOL Cloud AP infrastructure Galaxy Gateway and thereby instantly enabling more than 50 PEPPOL Access Point providers to be AS4 compliant. Since the Cloud service of Tickstar processes between 500.000 and 700.000 transactions per month, adding AS4 capability to their PEPPOL infrastructure service will have a significant impact on the AS4 adoption in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network



Net4market is an Italian company based in Cremona, led by the CEO Gianmaria Casella, operating in the design and implementation of software, with solutions dedicated to e-procurement and dematerialisation. Over the years the company has diversified its offer, dedicating important resources to the development of services to completely manage the company supply chain with technologically advanced solutions, paying particular attention to customer assistance and satisfaction. Net4market role and responsibilities in this project are to implement its adapted PEPPOL Access Point with the AS4 Standard along with the developed Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), this action will update the eDelivery area of their integral eProcurement solution (D@CO). They will also communicate the Action to their clients, mainly in Italy (country of HQ) and France (country of subsidiary enterprise)


MYSUPPLY (Denmark)

mySupply is a Danish company that has already developed a European-awarded strategy regarding the exchange of electronic documents: the eDOCx Strategy, evaluated with the “Seal of Excellence of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020”. They are also, since 2010, the company responsible for the development, maintenance and support of the NemHandel infrastructure -a Danish government project with the objective of promoting the electronic delivery of documentation- and in charge of the OIOUBL document standard, on behalf of the Agency for Digitisation and Danish Business Authority. mySupply role and responsibilities in this project are to implement its adapted PEPPOL Access Point with the AS4 Standard with the developed Service Metadata Publisher (SMP), therefore making VAX 360, their solution of electronic eDelivery, compliant with the EN. The will also publicize this upgrade in Denmark and the other Member States where it has established clients, such as Germany, Belgium and Norway