The goal of the EUROLogin2020 Action is the integration of the electronic Identification Digital Service Infrastructure (eID DSI), to facilitate access to the services provided by 3 European Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Providers: Generix Group (France), Nubilaria Srl (Italy), and headON (the Netherlands), promoting an eIDAS based ecosystem across Europe.

Hence, this Action is in line with the scope of the priority outcomes of the CEF-TC-2020-1 call, by addressing objective 1 of the call text, which is eID DSI integration. This will facilitate both citizens and businesses to access public and private online services provided across Europe, enabling them to accept eIDs from other Member States in a reliable and secure identification and authentication environment established by the eIDAS Regulation.

The EUROLogin2020 consortium is a transnational partnership from France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. The objective pursued by each EDI provider is to connect their own platform to the corresponding national eIDAS node, thus facilitating the authentication of users from any Member State and enhancing the electronic services provided to European citizens.

As a result, the three EDI Providers will be able to request, receive and process the new set of identification data received from the eIDAS interoperability nodes and ensure the eIDAS Regulation requirements.

This Action will promote the uptake and use of the eID DSI and will facilitate secure access to the provided services by the three EDI providers to all EU citizens and businesses using their national eID, ensuring cross-border mobility and support for the Digital Single Market.