Coordination and project management

The main objective of this activity is to ensure the project’s efficient implementation in line with the Grant Agreement. The Consortium coordinator will instruct, guide, support, and advise the beneficiaries in managing their administrative, financial, dissemination and reporting duties during the Action. It includes the following tasks:

  • Administrative and financial management
  • Technical management



Communication and dissemination

The main objective of the activity is to promote the Action's results. During the Action, the beneficiaries’ dissemination performance will be monitored and assessed. It includes the following tasks:

  • Creation and management of the official project website
  • Guidance and Communication Plan
  • Dissemination of the project by each participant
  • Review of the dissemination evidence


Requirement analysis and solution design

This activity will develop all the preparatory tasks for the technical implementation of the eID modules of the cloud platforms and eID solutions according to the technical specifications and requirements defined by the French, Italian, and Dutch eIDAS nodes. The main objectives are to identify the technical and national context requirements, and to define all the necessary tasks for the implementation of the connections to the eIDAS nodes designing the integration of the eID into their systems. It includes the following tasks:

  • Technical support to participants
  • Requirement analysis, solution design and planning review


Connection of cloud platform to the eIDAS nodes for cross-border authentication

This activity aims at connecting 4 EDI Providers to the respective eIDAS nodes to allow for cross-border authentication. The EDI provider's cloud platforms will be connected in production environment to allow cross-border authentication.

This implementation will allow the cross-border authentication of European citizens by processing the new set of data received from the eIDAS node. At the end of the Action, all services will be available in production environment and the cross-border authentication will be available for all countries whose eID schemes have been formally notified to the European Commission. All e-services will be maintained by the beneficiaries after the end of the Action and available for their clients. The activity includes the following tasks:


  • Implementation and tests scheduling
  • Connection to the national eIDAS node
  • Adapting the electronic services to be able to use eID
  • Preliminary testing


Final testing and Go-Live with the French, Italian, and Dutch eIDAS nodes

This activity will focus on the final tests for all implementations, ensuring interoperability and promoting collaboration between all beneficiaries of this Action, as well as implicating the eIDAS nodes. It includes the following tasks:

  • Complete cross-border flow testing
  • Go-Live and successful demonstration of the eID service
  • Internal Quality Review