The Action aims to: (1) update the electronic invoicing cloud platforms of 5 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers to become fully compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN) required syntaxes (UBL and CII) and (2) implement eInvoicing solutions compliant with the EN in 4 end-users (public and private entities).

Each eInvoicing solution of the EDI providers (NetEDI, Crediflow, Elcom, Qvalia, Transalis and Easy Systems) is an interoperable platform already available as a node in the PEPPOL network. Under this Action, these platforms will incorporate advanced eInvoicing functionalities, such as the capability to send/receive invoices compliant with the EN, translate invoices into different formats for the data integration in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, real time reporting of invoices and cross-border transactions and guaranteed interoperability with ERP systems. On the other hand, the four end-users (Althea, Tatra, Carrefour and Trinity College Dublin) will be supported by well-established EDI providers for the uptake of an eInvoicing platform and the upgrade of their ERP systems to process electronic invoices compliant with the EN

The Action will contribute to the update and uptake of eInvoicing solutions compliant with the European standard on electronic invoicing. Furthermore, the consortium will cover the whole cross-border scenario: invoice senders, invoice receivers and eInvoicing providers from different Member States.