The consortium participants, from 4 different Member States, are the follwing ones:

• The applicants that will implement their access point: Validated ID and Docuten (Spain), Ionite (Netherlands), Pantarei Soluzioni Informatiche and Promofarma (Italy), and Globaltnet (Latvia).

• SATA (Italy), supporting Promofarma.

• The coordinator entity, UVEG (Spain).

Therefore, several European regions are covered by the consortium members. In this way, they are bringing together EDI Providers' characteristics in alignment with the different electronic services offered around Europe. It is expected that the participants will face similar challenges during their access point implementation processes, even if the variety of services involved in the proposed action is quite high. For this reason, the chance of sharing their problems and experiences with other entities in the same situation will contribute to the successful achievement of the goals set by the project.



IRTIC - Universitat de Valencia 


Universitat de València is a public university with more than 65.800 students, 3.800 members of teaching and research staff and 1.800 administrative and services personnel. 

IRTIC (Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies) is a Research Institute of the UVEG that covers different disciplines connected with the field of information and communication technologies.

Currently IRTIC is a multidisciplinary group that brings together over 80 professionals, all graduates among professors, part time professors and research personnel. The work carried out from the beginning has made IRTIC to be a Spanish group of reference in areas such as consultancy on telematics, simulation, virtual reality, development of ITS, and strategic consultancy in project management, and advanced information system development and maintenance for administrations. IRTIC has been participating in previous related approved CEF Telecom projects, such as POOL-TSPs (2017-EU-IA-0154), FACe (2016-ES-IA-0117), ICELAND-INV18 (2018-EU-IA-0056) AS4EDI (2018-EU-IA-0060), EURINV19 (2019-EU-IA-0037), AS4EDI19 (2019-EU-AI-0012) amongst others.

Its main role in the project is to manage the action, preparing the final technical and financial reports, supporting the participants in the implementation of the solution and coordinating the dissemination activities of the project.


Validated ID


Validated ID was born in 2012 with the purpose of offering a digital signature service with high legal robustness and very easy to use. With this goal in mind, it brought its experience in different areas of work and developed a handwritten electronic signature service on tablet, very easy to integrate and above all, legally secure. Then it added services with the same goal in mind.


PantaRei Soluzione Informatiche


It is a company born from the entrepreneurial spirit of professionals working for years in the IT sector, with the desire to provide its customers with functional and simple operational solutions, as well as a high quality of service, guaranteed by qualified personnel. It offers services covering the broadest panorama of the IT sector.





SATA is an innovation laboratory developing software products and providing cloud services. Since 2020 it is part of the CREDEM group. It participates in RTD projects, especially EU, as fast software developer, and engineering the resulting prototypes to bring them to the market. It provides advanced cloud-based services for document dematerialisation, interoperability and adhesion to standards. It develops a collaboration with the Softech-ICT Lab (University of Modena) and the Observatory on eInvoicing and eCommerce B2B (Milan Polytechnic). Since 2016 it is ISO 9001-2015 certified.




Docuten is a company with more than 10 years of experience in digital signature and e-invoicing services, and since 2018, direct debit as well. It turns its clients into “paperless companies” through the digitalisation of their administrative processes. Docuten offers digital signature, electronic invoicing and payments, reducing costs.



Ionite specializes in e-invoicing consultancy and services. It has extensive experience with Internet protocol development and implementations, including DNS, DNSSEC, AS2, AS4, UBL, SI-UBL, PEPPOL BIS and full-stack development.




GlobalNet is an entity based in Latvia.



Promofarma's activity is, among other things, dedicated to the collection of data on drug prescriptions sent by pharmacies on behalf of the National Health Service. Promofarma systematically analyzes the data and draws studies on the profitability of pharmacies and the trend in pharmaceutical spending. The entity has worked in a procedure that allows viewing consumption trends, with interesting comparisons of trends both from a temporal point of view and in the various territorial levels.


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